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We use a process called laser bonding to add your design onto the surface of the blade. We do this by spraying on a ceramic coating, then using a laser to permanently bond it. The remaining spray is then rinsed off to reveal your design. 


Design Size

Please consider the etchable area on the blade when deciding your custom image.  For all blades, the etchable area is 1.8” x .6”, which is about the size of the smaller side of a 9v battery.

Image Dimensions with battery.jpg

Design Color

Black and white images respond the best to laser etching.  Shades of gray (gradients) tend to turn either black or white and create an undesirable outcome.  Vectors are ideal.

Design Detail

While lasers are capable of etching very fine lines, the process of etching with our black ceramic coating tends to thicken fine lines slightly.  Please be aware that thin lines close to one another may merge together in the final product.

Custom Blade Policies

  • If you don't have the rights to it, please don't upload it. Only upload artwork that you have the right to reproduce.

  • Please do not upload images containing explicit sexual content, racist, homophobic, or other offensive themes, or any images that contain disparaging remarks about other people or companies.

  • Colorado Capo Company reserves the right to refuse to print/create products with images that violate our upload policies.

  • Colorado Capo Company does not gain any rights to your images when you upload them other than to reproduce on-demand the artwork for the intended product.

  • We reserve the right to produce and photograph blades etched with artwork you upload (excluding signature etchings) for posting on the Colorado Capo Company website and related social media sites.


We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.


  • What file formats are supported?
  • What kind of images work best?
    Considering the size of the area, we recommend images without too much detail. Any image that contrasts clearly between white and black with thick lines will turn out beautifully on our blades. Thin lines can be tricky depending on the image. If we believe it may not turn out to your complete satisfaction, we will work with you to get it as best as we can.
  • How do you mark the blade?
    Great question! It’s pretty cool actually. We spray your blade with a liquid ceramic glazing material and heat it with a CO2 laser. Once it's heated, it liquifies and chemically bonds with the surface of the blade, leaving a dark and long-lasting mark that can withstand severe abrasion and corrosion. We told you it was cool.
  • What is the turn-around time for custom blades?
    We ask that you give us 7-10 business days from the time of artwork approval, if applicable, to complete your custom blade.
  • Are there refunds for custom blades?
    Unfortunatly, no. Once the blade is etched there’s no going back. If you believe that what we agreed upon and what you received are two different things, then we will do everything we can to make it right or issue a refund. With that being said, we will reach out before doing anything if we feel you may not be satisfied with your blade.


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